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1. Appointment with God; some thoughts on Holy Communion. 
Phillips, J. B.
TL 265 P544 
2. Can God be trusted? 
Maxwell, A. Graham
TL 239 M451 
3. Crucial questions about the Kingdom of God. 
Ladd, George Eldon
TL 231.7 L12 
4. Does God still guide?; Or more fully, what are the essentials of guidance and growth in the christian life. 
Baxter, J. Sidlow
TL 248.4 B335 
5. Evangelism and the sovereighty of God. 
Packer, J. I.
TL 252 P127 
6. Getting in to God; practical guidelines to the Christian life. 
Briscoe, D. Stuart
TL 248 B774 
7. God and my father. 
Day, Clarence
TL 249 D33 
8. God in education. A tract for the times. 
Van Dusen, Henry P.
TL 231.07 V246 
9. God is dead : the anatomy of a slogan 
Hamilton, Kenneth
201 H218 1966 
10. God is too much. 
Nederhood, Joel
TL 252 N284 
11. God so loved; an expository series on theology and evangel of the best-know text in the Bible 
Baxter, J. Sidlow
TL 226.5 B333 
12. God spake by Moses; an exposition of the Pentateuch. 
Allis, Oswald T.
TL 222.1 Al56 
13. God, man and church growth. 
Tippett, A. R.
TL 266 T499 
14. God-centered evangelism. A presentation of the Scriptural theology of Evangelism. 
Kuiper, R. B.
TL 269 K955 
15. God's colony in man's world. 
Webber, George W.
TL 260 W385 
16. God's last word to man. (studies in Hebrews). 
Morgan, G. Campbell
227.87 M822 
17. God's tomorrow. 
Brown, David
TL 261 B812 
18. Knowing God. 3a.ed. 
Packer, J. I.
TL 231 P127 
19. Man : the image of God. 
Berkouwer, G. C.
TL 230 B455 
20. Sciencie in search of God / Kirtley F. Mather. 
Mather, Kirtley F.
TL 215 M427 1928 

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